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Our society has come a long way in furthering the mission set at its inception. This includes improving the clinical practice of adult and child neurology and serving as an advocate on behalf of patients and physicians regarding neurological disorders and the practice of neurology. With a changing practice landscape we need to adopt and adjust our clinical practice without compromising the quality of our clinical practice. To build on the past and continue with our mission, we have planned the IXth Annual Meeting of Pennsylvania Neurological Society on September 13-14, at the Hillman Conference Center, located on the campus of UPMC Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Our agenda includes a wide variety of topics including epilepsy, vascular neurology, neuromuscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, headache, practice management and payment reform, quality improvement, and advocacy issues. To address the changing landscape involved in the practice of neurology we have added practice management and payment reform by Neil Busis, MD. With the help of the American Academy of Neurology we have invited Anup Patel, MD, who will educate on the quality metrics in neurology. Brad Klein, MD, will provide an overview on how we can improve patient care with advocacy.

To encourage the involvement of residents, fellows and medical students we encourage them to submit their scholarly work at the meeting.

This year, our keynote speaker is Cyril H. Wecht, MD, JD, world-renown forensic pathologist, attorney and medical-legal consultant, who will deliver a talk on “Sensational Legal Cases.” Dr. Wecht has frequently appeared on several nationally syndicated programs discussing various medicolegal and forensic scientific issues, including medical malpractice, drug abuse, the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the death of Elvis Presley, the O.J. Simpson case, and the JonBenet Ramsey cases. His expertise has also been utilized in high profile cases involving Mary Jo Kopechne, Sunny von Bulow, Jean Harris, Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, the Waco Branch Davidian fire, and Vincent Foster. A comprehensive study of these cases are discussed from the perspective of Dr. Wecht’s own professional involvement in his books, Cause of Death, Grave Secrets, and Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

To improve our advocacy efforts, we would like you to recruit your colleagues to join the PNS for $50 a year. The membership fee can be used as a credit for the registration fee at the annual meeting. Clearly our success of the advocacy efforts is dependent on active membership in our organization.

Parthasarathy Thirumala, MD

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